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Our proposed corrections for VMware official courses lecture manuals. The available sections, grouped by course, offer suggestions for correcting errors, typos and obsolete information.

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Customer Feedback - Daniele Fiore

I had the chance to attend a training course hosted by Fabrizio and i was immediately impressed by his skills, professionalism and kidness.
We had a 1 to 1 session for 3 days and after that i really felt i got my questions and doubts answered.
He has been flexible as i requested fitting exactly my needs touching topics out of specific training scope whenever asked.
I really recommend this IT professionist.

Daniele Fiore
Solution Engineer at BASF IT Services
November 29, 2011

Customer Feedback - Antony Franks

Fabrizio is an excellent Trainer who was able to be entertaining and enthusiastic about the subject despite not working in his first language.
I would recommend him as a Trainer!

Antony Franks
Chair, Ciwb Conwy CubeS
December 9, 2011

Customer Feedback - Florian Caprarescu

I didn't have so many classroom trainings in my life but I can say that Fabrizio is not just one of the best trainers that I ever had, but the best.
Besides the fact that he has deep technical knowledge about the NSX VMware, Fabrizio has outstanding teaching and social skills, he knows exactly how to attract your attention and make things interesting, he knows how to answer questions and many other things for which I would recommend Fabrizio as a instructor.
In the last line I would like to thank you Fabrizio for all the skill you pass to me and my team mates, things which will help us thru our career path.
I hope I will have the chance to be your student again.

Florian Caprarescu
Network Engineer la AT&T Mobility
October 28, 2016

Customer Feedback - Yury Remezov

Fabrizio was my instructor of VMware vSphere: install, configure, manage course. During the classes he showed himself as a really knowledgable specialist in theoretical part and practical part as well. He was opened for the any kind of questions and was answering them in professional maner even if they require additional time for resolving. His way of delivering material was clear and involving. I would definetely recommend to take part of the class with him as an instructor.

Yury Remezov
Implementation Delivery Engineer at EMC
July 3, 2012

Customer Feedback - Bogdan Lozici

Fabrizio de Luca is one of the best trainers I've studied with in the last 4 years I've been in ATOS. He demonstrated strong knowledge about the technologies presented and great teaching capabilities. I would definitely recommend him to anyone interested in VMware courses.

Bogdan Lozici
Cloud Administrator at Atos Romania
May 3, 2016

Customer Feedback - Robert Schoenpflug

It was a grate pleasure attending to the VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage [V6.0] training held by Fabrizio. The background experience he has is awesome. All content was professionally transported and very well explained. I highly recommend him!

Robert Schoenpflug
Principal IT Consultant at Atos
August 30, 2016

Customer Feedback - Mark Bradley

Honestly one of the best trainers I have had the pleasure of dealing with inside out knowledge of the subject matter and happy to go into details above and beyond that of the course. Would recommend without question.

Mark Bradley
Senior Infrastructure Engineer at Capgemini
September 17, 2013

Customer Feedback - Jukka-Pekka Kalli

I attended on VMware vSpehere Fast Track training. Course had a tight schedule and long days, but Fabrizio had a good knowledge on subject and inspiring real life examples and solutions.

Jukka-Pekka Kalli
Senior Specialist at Nokia Siemens Networks
June 11, 2013

Customer Feedback - Tore Håland

Fabrizio was instructor for VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage [V5.0] course I attended. He did a brilliant job both related to instructor presentation technics and had good VMware knowledge.I would recommend other to use him as an instructor for this course. :)

Tore Håland
Solution Architect i CSC
October 29, 2012

Customer Feedback - Rav Sohi

An extremely knowledgeable instructor with a zest for the subject matter being delivered. A consumate professional, his knowledge of VMware NSX was impressive and detailed. He provided real world examples and the application of the principles in said examples helped me understand the content. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Fabrizio as a course instructor.

Rav Sohi
Project Delivery Engineer
April 28, 2017

Source: my View Fabrizio de Luca's profile on LinkedIn, select "View Full Profile" and look for the "Recommendations" section.