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Our proposed corrections for VMware official courses lecture manuals. The available sections, grouped by course, offer suggestions for correcting errors, typos and obsolete information.

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Customer Feedback - Ungureanu Cornel

I attended a VMware NSX course of Fabrizio and it was one of the best courses i have ever been to. Excellent skills in explaining very complex things and very insistent on details.

Ungureanu Cornel
Network Engineer
December 18, 2017

Customer Feedback - Phil Sims

Fabrizio was the instructor on an ESX 5.1 training course I attended during July 2013. Despite the the course being a fastrack course (where a number of courses are combined into a shorter time period) his attention to detail was excellent and always took time to explain any points people weren't sure of.

Phil Sims
Technical Specialist at Atos Origin
July 23, 2013

Customer Feedback - Andrea Tempesta

I had the pleasure to meet Fabrizio during the course "VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage [v 5.5]." Before taking this course, I followed the same course based on version 5.0. Basically the same course. I can say that Fabrizio brings the course to the next level. Our class was made up of people with experience in different fields (Storage, Server, Networking), and Fabrizio is able to face each of these fields, related to VMware-world, with the same depth and expertise.

Andrea Tempesta
Account Support Manager at HP
July 29, 2014

Customer Feedback - Douglas Black

I attended a VCP5 Fast-track course delivered by Fabrizio, and was impressed by his knowledge of the industry, ability to explain complex technical concepts and depth of expertise. All delivered with captivating style that communicated the message clearly and precisely. I can highly recommend Fabrizio as a trainer, communicator and VMware expert.

Douglas Black
Experienced IT Manager and System Administrator
July 4, 2013

Customer Feedback - Lorenzo Temperini

He is one of the best trainer I met.
I suggest to ask for him for every VMware course.

Lorenzo Temperini
Network & Security Consultant
January 13, 2016

Customer Feedback - Gianluca Galleani

Fabrizio is a great instructor/technician in IT competence, and in VMWare area in particular.
He is very experienced and able in this field. He is also very professional and able to relate with people, so these things make him be a great and qualified teacher.
Surely I would suggest him both as an instructor and as IT consultant.

Gianluca Galleani
Systems Engineer presso Sistec S.r.l.
June 24, 2013

Customer Feedback - Massimiliano Panico

I've recently attended a one week VMware NSX course held by Fabrizio. His knowledge of the course topics was very deep and the lessons and labs were really useful and well centered due to his great teaching ability.

Massimiliano Panico
Senior Engineer presso Telecom Italia
August 03, 2017

Customer Feedback - Wiktor Baran

Fabrizio is a very talented instructor. He shares his enormous knowledge with a passion.

Wiktor Baran
IS Engineer at NCIA
February 22, 2013

Customer Feedback - Eddie Gorman

I attended one of Fabrizio VMware design courses and found this course very informative and enjoyable, I was not looking forward to this course as it in a theory only course but Fabrizio made the course interesting and knew the subject matter extremely well. I have several more VMware courses to attend to reach my accreditation and I am looking to see where Fabrizio is delivering these courses so I can attend one of these.

Eddie Gorman
Technical Team Leader
September 14, 2012

Customer Feedback - Mark Scott

Fabrizio is an excellent VMware trainer. From his appearance to the manner in which he conducts himself; Fabrizio is a professional in every implication of the word. I found his knowledge on VMware to be in-depth and highly accurate, coupled with anecdotes and examples to really make the subject matter stick. I would not hesitate in attending any further training Fabrizio was performing and I highly recommend him.

Mark Scott
Lead Technical Architect specializing in virtualization
September 13, 2012

Source: my View Fabrizio de Luca's profile on LinkedIn, select "View Full Profile" and look for the "Recommendations" section.