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Our proposed corrections for VMware official courses lecture manuals. The available sections, grouped by course, offer suggestions for correcting errors, typos and obsolete information.

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Customer Feedback - Douglas Black

I attended a VCP5 Fast-track course delivered by Fabrizio, and was impressed by his knowledge of the industry, ability to explain complex technical concepts and depth of expertise. All delivered with captivating style that communicated the message clearly and precisely. I can highly recommend Fabrizio as a trainer, communicator and VMware expert.

Douglas Black
Experienced IT Manager and System Administrator
July 4, 2013

Customer Feedback - Shaun Pennington

I found Fabrizio to be an exceptionally talented trainer with an extremely in-depth knowledge of the VMware subject matter. Fabrizio also demonstrated a rare gift for imparting this knowledge to his audience in an extremely cohesive and engaging manner.

Shaun Pennington
Project Engineer at Capgemini
September 10, 2013

Customer Feedback - Jeroen Schoorl

A few weeks ago I had a 5 day course about NSX and that was given by Fabrizio de Luca. Fabrizio has a lot of in-depth knowledge and he knows what he's talking about. He not only deals with the powerpoint sheets, but is also giving examples in real situations. He also told the how, what and why it works a specific way. Furthermore, it is also someone with a lot of sense of humor.

Jeroen Schoorl
Senior IT Specialist at NN Investment Partners
November 13, 2017

Customer Feedback - Jamie Gibbs

Fabrizio is a first class trainer. His knowledge of VMware products is obviously matched with a number of years’ experience working with their products in real-world environments. He demonstrates a real belief and a genuine interest in the product which comes across clearly in his training. Fabrizio was able to explain in detail a number of times not only how the packages themselves work but also how these might be deployed and he demonstrated different scenarios about how these would integrate with elements such as storage, networking and with other applications. Working through what can be an intense training schedule Fabrizio kept the delegates enthused and engaged throughout the week and ensured that everyone got the most from the course. I feel much more confident now about my own certification and will be checking to see when he is back working in the UK for my next one.

Jamie Gibbs
Owner/Consultant at Arcacia Systems
December 13, 2012

Customer Feedback - Marian Dinisoae

I had the pleasure to attend a VMware class where Fabrizio was the lector and introduced me the "secrets" and the complexity of VMware NSX 6 - Installation, Configuration and Management. At the end of the 5 days training, in addition to the VMware NSX product, I discovered Fabrizio as very professional trainer, paying attention to details and having an old passion in regards to VMware products. Fabrizio used his technical background and knowledge to mix the critical situation from "technical world" with funny situations as examples and he provided answers to all questions raised by the students. I highly recommend Fabrizio and I consider he will make a valuable addition to any organization that will may join or collaborate with.
Thank you Fabrizio!

Marian Dinisoae
Technical Support Engineer - Emerging Product Group at VMware
October 25, 2016

Customer Feedback - Marco Cestele

I knew Fabrizio as a trainer during vmware icm v5.0 course, he has great skills and ability to transmit. He is always ready to answer your questions and clarify any doubts.

Marco Cestele
System & Network Administrator at Esprinet
June 3, 2012

Customer Feedback - Antony Franks

Fabrizio is an excellent Trainer who was able to be entertaining and enthusiastic about the subject despite not working in his first language.
I would recommend him as a Trainer!

Antony Franks
Chair, Ciwb Conwy CubeS
December 9, 2011

Customer Feedback - Massimiliano Panico

I've recently attended a one week VMware NSX course held by Fabrizio. His knowledge of the course topics was very deep and the lessons and labs were really useful and well centered due to his great teaching ability.

Massimiliano Panico
Senior Engineer presso Telecom Italia
August 03, 2017

Customer Feedback - Elizabeth Owusu

Fabrizio was my instructor for the course "VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage V5.0" held in London in December 2012. Fabrizio exhibited great patience and ensured the class fully understood all delivered material. All topics were covered extensively and very clearly, relating to real life scenarios where possible. He kept us all engaged by involving the class throughout. He also has a good sense of humour, lightening the class whenever the technical material got dry or overwhelming. He is an excellent teacher with a deep knowledge of the subject and a willingness to ensure his audience fully benefited from his class. I thoroughly enjoyed his training delivery.

Elizabeth Owusu
EMEA IT Operations Manager at Spirent Communications
December 19, 2012

Customer Feedback - Anders Dramstad

Fabrizio is a highly knowledgeable VMware Instructor providing professional, fun and interesting learning sessions, and great insight in the technology covered.

Anders Dramstad
Senior IT Consultant at Dataplan IT Partner AS
August 30, 2013

Source: my View Fabrizio de Luca's profile on LinkedIn, select "View Full Profile" and look for the "Recommendations" section.