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Layout and Typographic Conventions

Corrections for a course are grouped by Module. In each Module, you'll find my proposed corrections divided by slide.

Each slide-based section will show:

  • Slide number.
  • Slide title.
  • Slide thumbnail (182 x 137 pixels - small enough not to violate any copyright, big enough for legitimate manuals owners to identify the slide graphic).
  • A number of color-coded paragraphs about the typo, error or ambiguous statement I think I've spotted in the Lecture Manuals and the related proposed correction, complementary information, proposed improvement, all supported by an official source material. In example:
    • This label refers to a wrong statement or a typo.
    • This label refers to a proposed correction.
    • This label refers to a complementary information.
    • This label refers to some room for improvement.
    • This label points to an official VMware document or page backing up the proposed correction.
  • If a slide has multiple proposed corrections, those will be grouped together using numbers. In example:
    • The first 1. Wrong statement, the related 1. Correct statement, and the supporting 1. Source information
    • The second 2. Wrong statement, the related 2. Correct statement, and the supporting 2. Source information.