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Our proposed corrections for VMware official courses lecture manuals. The available sections, grouped by course, offer suggestions for correcting errors, typos and obsolete information.

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Customer Feedback - Michal Grzeszczak

Fabrizio is a great teacher. I attended NSX ICM training and I learned a lot. Highly recommended!

Michal Grzeszczak
Network Virtualization Engineer at VMware
October 26, 2016

Customer Feedback - Ganaa Devee

I was fortunate enough to attend the training "VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage [V5.0]" hosted by Fabrizio.
No doubt, Fabrizio is one of the best instructors I have ever had.
He is knowledgeable, skillful at teaching, happy to answer any questions and the answers even better!
Unlike some other instructors, if he does not know, he will be honest about it. This helps in avoiding any confusion on the topic being discussed.

Ganaa Devee
SAN Connectivity & Storage Virtualization Support Engineer at EMC
July 31, 2012

Customer Feedback - Rune Oksnes

Very skilled and professional instructor and consultant. Knowledge far beyond what was demanded in class. I guess he could solve most problems in the VMware field. I hope to meet him again in a class later.

Rune Oksnes
Overingeniør at Kystverket
January 24, 2012

Customer Feedback - Darren Lodge

Fabrizio was hired through a third party training vendor and I can see why. He clearly knows his subject in great detail, was able to answer all questions with ease and did so with a very polite manor. I would not hesitate to hire or work with Fabrizio in the future, he is an excellent trainer and very approachable.

Darren Lodge
Infrastructure Analyst at Boeing Defence UK Ltd
January 31, 2013

Customer Feedback - Christopher Thomsen

Fabrizio is a very good instructor, as an experienced VMware consultant, I had a "VMware vSphere 5: Whats new" course (need it to be able to take my VCP certification), and he is very knowledgeable, and a good teacher. I learnt a lot.

Christopher Thomsen
Seniorkonsulent i Firstpoint AS
September 28, 2012

Customer Feedback - Ole André Schistad

I had the fortune of attending Fabrizio's class on VMware vRealize Automation (formerly vCAC), and would happily recommend him as instructor. Not only does he has excellent knowledge on the subject, he will also happily share his experience on the product in real life.

Fabrizio is enthusiastically, unmistakably Italian, and combined with his cheerful disposition, attending his class was not only illuminating but also brought some mediterranean cheer into the late November darkness.

10/10, would attend again :)

Ole André Schistad
Lead Technical Architect at Elkjop Nordic AS (Part of Dixons Retail plc)
January 16, 2015

Customer Feedback - Andrea De Angelis

Fabrizio is a highly qualified trainer with great competence and skills,that leads his students to a quick and comprehensive understanding of the topics under discussion.

Andrea De Angelis
Sistemista at Cosmic Blue Team S.p.A.
July 3, 2014

Customer Feedback - Francesco Viesti

I met Fabrizio because he was instructor at "VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage [V6.0]" course.
Has been my pleasure to attend VMware course taught by Fabrizio. He provided his wide and plenty professional knowledge to the class with great passion.
I was very satisfied with course. I hope I will attend another course taught by Fabrizio.

Francesco Viesti
Solution Architect at IBM
April 12, 2016

Customer Feedback - Marco Cestele

I knew Fabrizio as a trainer during vmware icm v5.0 course, he has great skills and ability to transmit. He is always ready to answer your questions and clarify any doubts.

Marco Cestele
System & Network Administrator at Esprinet
June 3, 2012

Customer Feedback - Piotr Ostrowski

Have a chance to spend a week on a training with Fabrizio, and this was overwhelming amount of details from real life scenario use cases and analysis which was great added value for the regular training. If I can recommend a VMware Instructor, Fabrizio definitively would be the one.
Thank you again !

Piotr Ostrowski
Citrix Engineer at Atos
March 02, 2017

Source: my View Fabrizio de Luca's profile on LinkedIn, select "View Full Profile" and look for the "Recommendations" section.