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VSICM55 - Slide 07-44 - vSphere Storage vMotion Guidelines and Limitations

1. Wrong:

Whilst trying to describe what happens to virtual machines files during a vSphere Storage vMotion migration, the second paragraph in the slide notes provides a bungled and incomplete description:

Any files moved as a result of a vSphere Storage vMotion migration are renamed, including moving only individual virtual disks. The files are renamed automatically and the feature cannot be turned off.
1. Correct:

A better description of the vSphere Storage vMotion migration process, according to the "vCenter Server and Host Management" guide - "Migrating Virtual Machines in the vSphere Web Client" chapter - "Migration with Storage vMotion" paragraph, should have stated something like the following:

Migration with Storage vMotion changes virtual machine files on the destination datastore to match the inventory name of the virtual machine. The migration renames all virtual disk, configuration, snapshot, and .nvram files. If the new names exceed the maximum filename length, the migration does not succeed.
1. Source:

VMware vSphere 5.5 Documentation Center.

2. Room for improvement:

Some vSphere 5.x releases prior to vSphere 5.5 had an issue not renaming virtual machine files on completing the migration. This issue has been resolved in:

2. Source:

VMware Knowledge Base articles.

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