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VSICM51 - Slide 11-26 - Redundancy Using Additional Networks


Slide notes refer to the previous slide (11-25) and describe network redundancy using NIC Teaming.


Notes in this slide should instead explain network redundancy using a second network.

Room for improvement:

Ideally, slide notes could describe network redundancy using a second network with something similar to the following statement, taken from the "vSphere Availability Guide" book, "Creating and Using vSphere HA Clusters" chapter, "Best Practices for vSphere HA Clusters" section, "Network Path Redundancy" paragraph:

Network Redundancy Using a Second Network
As an alternative to NIC teaming for providing redundancy for heartbeats, you can create a second management network connection, which is attached to a separate virtual switch. The original management network connection is used for network and management purposes. When the second management network connection is created, vSphere HA sends heartbeats over both management network connections. If one path fails, vSphere HA still sends and receives heartbeats over the other path.

vSphere 5.1 Documentation Center.

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