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VSICM51 - Slide 11-31 - Advanced Options to Control Slot Size


Slide notes list the default values for das.vmMemoryMinMB and das.vmCpuMinHz advanced parameters if all virtual machines are configured with reservations set at 0. However, values shown - 256 MB and 256 MHz - are correct only in vSphere 4.x.


In vSphere 5.x the new default values are:

  • das.vmMemoryMinMB = 0 MB
  • das.vmCpuMinHz = 32 MHz

The entire list of the vSphere HA advanced parameters for vSphere 5.x can be found in the VMware Knowledge Base article number 2033250, available at


vSphere 5.1 Documentation Center.

Last modified onThursday, 12 December 2013 18:13
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