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Why "myCourseware Corrections"?

"myCourseware Corrections" is an idea based on a recurrent aspect we all face - as either VMware Certified Instructors or class attendees - every time a new course is released: there might be typos, errors and inaccuracies which are unintentionally introduced with the new course materials or carried over from previous courseware revisions.

As this can be sometimes a hassle for trainers, not to mention the misleading understanding engendered in students' perception, I thought it would have been useful to have a reference place where to find corrected and updated notes, plus complementing detailed informations to further integrate the required knowledge.

It is not my intention to claim these pages will become your ultimate source of truth, yet - having already done the majority of this work for myself - I would like to share the outcome with those who might be interested in using it as a support when prepping their VMware certification exam or when teaching.

As a courtesy, since we ALL make mistakes, if you find any courseware correction I'm suggesting here to be inaccurate or incomplete, please drop me a line: I'll be very happy to accept your suggestions, correct my errors and credit your feedback.

Last modified onSaturday, 07 September 2013 14:26
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