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[VMware Fling] VMFork for pyVmomi

What would you do if you could instantiate hundreds of VMs that are booted up and ready-to-use in just a few seconds? We present VMFork-- a new technology in VMware ESX Hypervisor-- that lets you do just that. VMFork enables "forking" instances of a live, powered-on VM, each with its own unique identity. By leveraging the existing linked-clone technology for disks and extending the hypervisor to enable Copy-on-Write memory and VM state, VMFork fosters instant creation of VMs with little CPU overhead.

VMFork for pyVmomi enables seamless integration of vSphere VMFork APIs into a customer's existing vSphere environment regardless of the platform it is running on. Previously this functionality was only available to PowerCLI, but now everyone can take advantage of VMFork without any extra overhead. All you have to do is import the module into an existing pyVmomi-enabled vSphere environment, and you'll be on your way to instantly clone virtual machines in no time. The examples also demonstrate the use of the primitive APIs in a full Linux workflow so that forking Linux VMs is just a button click away.

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